Biomesi Bioagrotechnology R&D Products are safe. pure. quality.

BİOMESI Bioagrotechnology Research and Development Company was established in April 2010 in Cukurova Technology Development Zone. The company carries out its studies on laboratory, pilot and industrial applications of herbal extracts essential oil and pure components.

Who We Are

BİOMESI aims to develop innovative products from plant-based raw materials with green chemistry techniques. Our company continues the pilot plant studies required to carry the completed and ongoing laboratory studies to the industrial dimension with the project support received from institutions such as the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and KOSGEB.

OUR VISION is to work within the company with expert personnel and to carry out joint research and development activities with other research institutions by operating in technoparks of universities. In addition, it is to create new business opportunities by bringing the unique herbal flora of our country to the industry. OUR MISSION is to develop new technologies for plant extract production by developing projects that will contribute to the national economy.

History of BIOMESI R&D